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Laughter is nature's therapy!"

- Laughoholic Laurie


Stress is here to stay so we need to find ways to counterbalance that stress in a healthy way. Some people go to alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling or many other unhealthy vices as a coping mechanism.

Thanks to modern science we now know that laughter can benefit mental and physical well-being. Laurie’s Laughter Yoga classes are uplifting and accessible to all individuals looking to increase their levels of health and wellness.

Laughter is the perfect antidote to the harmful effects of stress. So let’s laugh our way to health and happiness. Laughter is a natural ‘chill pill’… you feel good instantly and it has no bad side effects.

Come with an open heart. Give yourself permission to act childlike, be playful, and cultivate an inner spirit of joy. You are guaranteed to leave with a SMILE!

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  • Hillary Scott

    Laurie is an amazing certified laugh leader, uplifter and all around human being. Her heart for others is genuine and her workshops tailored to meet the needs of those needing uplifting through laughter. Mark my words – one day she’ll be on Good Morning America uplifting the entire nation.